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Mission, Vision & Goals

MAAT 4 AFRIKA INC, whose foundation is built on the ethical principles of truth, balance, harmony, law, morality, justice, love and right action; exists to incorporate multifaceted business partnerships with individuals and organizations to move a community that is disadvantaged and underserved to optimal health wellness.  We encourage this through community outreach modalities, public education and training.

MAAT 4 AFRIKA INC  envisions that the disadvantaged and underserved communities within Afrika and the Diaspora be healthy, self sufficient and fully integrated within society.

MAAT 4 AFRIKA INC’S goal is to preserve positive healthcare practices by setting and enforcing standards; provide training, outreach; and education; establish partnerships; and encourage continual improvement to the disadvantaged and underserved communities worldwide

Another goal of Maat 4 Afrika Inc is to promote a greater awareness and appreciation of Afrikan history by learning about the unique struggles, triumphs and contributions of Affrikan people worldwide